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NEW: MYVoice Interactive


Learn out how to submit your art below!

05.2024 MYVoice Interactive.png

Requirements for art submission:

  • Please be a Minnesota youth age 12-22 with experience in the foster care, child welfare, and/or adoption systems

  • Please create 1-2 original artworks on this month's theme

    • Submit a photograph of a​ drawing, painting, collage, sculpture, etc. (There are some restrictions on what photos we can share publicly, please contact us with any questions on this)

    • Submit a short poem or other written piece (less than 500 words)

    • Submit a short video, dance, song, or audio recording (3 minutes or less)

    • Submit all digital files to or text to 612-695-4328. You will receive a confirmation after your artwork is received.

    • You will be mailed a $15 pre-paid Visa per artwork, limit 2 artworks per youth per month

  • In order to be paid, you must submit this form in addition to your artwork. If you are under 18 years old, I will send you an additional release for your caregiver/parent/worker to complete.

  • After submitting your art, MYVoice and Ampersand Families may include your piece in various public forums, such as our websites, social media accounts, and educational presentations.

  • If you have any questions, email or call/text Emily at 612-695-4328

Please note that the MYVoice Interactive online art galleries are currently under revision.

Check back again soon!

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